Writing: Write unicode text in the first box. Select any keyboard clicking the radio buttons. (Default is 'Bijoy')
Converting: Write or paste some non unicode text in the second box. Select the style of text from the radio buttons, press "Convert to Unicode". Converted text will appear on first (Upper) box.

English Bijoy Unijoy Provat SomewhereIn Avro Bornosoft

Do you want to convert any normal text into unicode? Use the second box. Write or copy-paste some normal (ASCII) text in second box. Select which kind of text it is from the radio buttons. Press the 'convert to unicode' button. Your text will convert to unicode instantly.
Bijoy SomewhereIn Boishakhi Bongshi Bornosoft Phonetic
You may convert any unicode text into older text (non unicode). Write or paste some unicode text in first box (Upper box) and click "Convert to older and copy here" button on second box. Your unicode text will convert to older (non unicode) text instantly in second box.
Acknowledgement: S M Mahbub Murshed